I have sent several emails to parents and some students that are using their own emails.  If you have not received an email from me, please send me an email using the email address you would like to use for communication.   Provide me  with student name and the class period of which you have Reading Intervention.  Students can use their school email.  If you want to know how to access your school email click here  for a tutorial.

My email is

Reading Intervention  Students

You are to go to the website listed and use the code that is SPECIFICALLY for your class period.  If you don’t recognize the names in class period then you have put in the wrong code.


Find your class period and use it to register at






Go to  

Click on Sign Up at the top.  Its easy and free.  Put in your code for your class period.  The password is always 1234

You are to click on your name and once inside you will see your assignments.   The two assignments are super easy and meant for you to get used to our class online.  So begin with those two assignments.  They are not due until April 13th.  However, you should plan to spend about 15 minutes a day on Readworks.  Can you do that?  Yes you can and you can use your phone!!!!!  Once in your account you will see the two assigments.  All Things Animals has 10 articles.  You are to read and enter a Book of Knowledge entry for each article.  The other is  Healing Paws.  You read and do all activities it asks you to complete.

I will post a video on this website for you to view on making the most of our online class.  So check your email and check back here everyday.   HOW TO VIDEO

Important!  I will post links that will be useful to you for this class, as well as, your other classes.  They will be located at the top of the page on the tab labeled HELPFUL LINKS.


You will be using Neuhaus Academy  Your requirement is 15 – 20 minutes per day.  Go to the website below.  Once there use student log in and register if you don’t already have an account.  The code for our class is 276S7TJQ

Neuhaus Academy